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Certified professional Barista Course. Complete 5 day educational course for professional use.

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For Pros who want to perfect their knowledge!

This educational course is for those who want to perform the art of being a Barista on the highest level.


After mastering this course you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding for specialty coffee and professional workflow at your workplace. 

Day 1 - Coffee knowledge


- Brief history of the coffee bean


- Bean history and detailed coffee knowledge


- Harvest and processing methods


- Getting to know the coffee machine and grinder with first exercises


Day 2 - Machine knowledge - Latte Art


- Machine knowledge


- Brewing methods and perfect extraction


- Optimal workflow for espresso brewing


- Barista techniques according to international standards


- Milk theory and professional milk foaming


- Latte Art Basics


Day 3 - Roasting - Preparation


- Basics of coffee roasting and test roast of one sort of coffee


- Repetition with deepened espresso brewing and milk foaming


- Coffee recipes


Day 4 - Sensory


 - Cleaning and maintenance of machine and grinder


 - Workplace management


 - Guest service


 - Sensory basics and tasting (cupping)


Day 5 - Exam


 - Theoretical and practical exam


 - Handover of Certificate

Requirements: Interest in the variety and complexity of coffee


Number of people: 4 max.


Duration: 5 days – each 8 hours incl. break


Cost: 1.450,- € / person incl. examination fee and certificate


Location: Prater 80, 1020 Vienna


Registration: latest 7 days before the beginning of the course

For information about upcoming courses please contact

All workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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