SCA Barista Intermediate

2.5 day certified educational course

Barista Basic ist ein intensiver 1-Tages-Kurs

Advanced barista course for staff within the coffee scene. Ideal for baristas with 6 month or more experience behind the espresso bar. Also ideal for staff within gastronomy, coffee shops and hotels. Also recommended for roasters, coffee traders, machine manufacturer etc. who already have basic barista knowledge.


Our barista courses are held according to the standardised certification system (the Coffee Skills Program) by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and are therefore internationally recognised by coffee shops around the globe.


The certified SCA Barista Intermediate educational course is the building upon the SCA Barista Foundation course or if prior knowledge in the barista scene is available, this course will improve existing barista knowledge further. This course teaches advanced bean knowledge further in theoretical and also practical course modules.


Within the course we will discuss origin specific taste differences of different Arabica varieties and also different processing methods will be taught in more detail. Furthermore we will work on coffee extraction and combine that with working under high volume circumstances, as this is an essential part in the baristas daily routine.


Many more in depth subjects like workplace management, hygiene, safety and coffee sensory basics conclude this course perfectly.


If you do not yet have prior knowledge as a barista we recommend the SCA Barista Foundation course!



This educational course will be held be the authorized and international barista Trainer Michael Haller. He is authorized to teach SCA certified courses and exams.

Course schedule

 Day 1 9am - 5pm


+ Welcoming


+ Introduction and course scheduling


Coffee bean knowlege


+ Arabica varieties


+ Coffee origins and regional taste


+ Processing methods


+ Coffee freshness (fresh vs. old coffee)


+ Coffee blending vs. single origin coffees


Workspace management 


+ Buildup of an ideal barista workplace


+ Speed and efficiency improvement of baristas


+ Correct working in a high volume environment


+ Different grinder models


Extraction and Brewing 


+ Variables within the extraction process (i.e. Channeling)


+ Underextraction | Overextraction | Optimal extraction


+ 3 Phases of espresso extraction


+ EBF (Espresso Brew Formular)


+ SCA Flavour Wheel



Day 2 | 9am - 5pm




+ Milk Composition 


+ Variables in milk and their impact on quality and stability


Latte Art Advanced


Espresso Based Menue


+ Coffee recipes


+ Complex coffee orders 


Hygiene | Health | Safety


Customer Service


Cleaning | Care | Troubleshooting


Day 3 | 9am - 2pm according to the number of students




+ Practical exam according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)


+ Theoretical exam according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - will be done by the student in an online exam after the practical exam.

Requirements: We recommend at least 6 month experience as a barista or similar. Also it is recommended to take the SCA Barista Foundation course in advance to this course (optional)


Certification: This course concludes - after passing the theoretical and practical exam - with an internationally recognised certificate of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)


Number of people: Max. 4 people


Duration: 2.5 days


Course start: 9am each course day


Course fee: € 750,- / person


Location: Prater 80, 1020 Vienna


SCA exam fees:

For SCA members: € 120,- / person

For non SCA members: € 216,- / person


Important information: 

Please register after payment (free of charge) as a Learner (Become a Learner) following this link: 


Afterwards please register for all exams because all theoretical exams will be held online! 

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