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No crema on your espresso?

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The coffee culture at home is the focus of the Home Barista course.


Here participants learn the fine tuning of coffee grinders, the right tamping technique leading to the

extraction of a fine espresso. An introduction to milk frothing techniques for a cappuccino as well as

latte macchiato. The practical units are reinforced by different theoretical parts.


The history of coffee, the different coffee growing countries, including cultivation and the

processing processes of coffee will be illuminated.


And if you can’t get enough of it: coffees from all over the world prepared as an espresso will be savored and evaluated in quality and characteristic.


The course is aimed at keen, ambitious individuals, hobby-baristas, gourmands, wine connoisseurs, etc.


- Theoretical introduction


- Correct adjustment of the coffee grinder for espresso brewing


- Tamping technique for an even extraction


- Perfect extraction (and wrong extractions to be avoided)


- The right milk frothing for Latte Art (with and without steamer!)


- Cleaning and hygiene

Number of people: max. 4


Duration: 4 hours 


Cost: 160,- € / person


Location: Prater 80, 1020 Vienna

For information about upcoming courses please contact coffee@viennacoffeecollege.com

Workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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