Latte Art Course

It all starts with the heart!

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This, on one hand, is the simplest latte art design, on the other hand, it opens the doors to discover a passion to create new ideas and patterns.


Hearts, rosettas and tulips, a lot of practice is involved to perfect the correct wrist movement needed in the free pouring techniques.


Whether you're a perfectionist, and for this reason want to learn latte art pouring techniques, or maybe you just want to surprise your guests next time they come around.


This basic course on the decorative latte art designs leads you through milk technology, varieties and qualities needed, and it perfects your frothing, pour techniques and generating different patterns.


Milk becomes art!


We will show you how to make a cappuccino that not only tastes fantastic, but also stands out.


- Theoretical introduction


- Milk theory


- The equipment needed for perfect results


- Correct frothing technique for Latte Art


- Practice of different pouring techniques


- Free pouring of several Latte Art designs


Number of people: max. 4


Duration: 4 hours


Cost: 140,- € / person


Location: Prater 80, 1020 Vienna


Registration: Latest 7 days before the beginning of the course.

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