Barista Professional

Certified professional Barista Course. Complete 5 day educational course for professional use.

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Barista Professional, ein 5-Tages-Kurs für alle, die beruflich mit Kaffee zu tun haben wollen

For future baristas who want to perfect their knowledge!

This educational course is for those who want to perform the art of being a Barista on the highest level.


After mastering this course you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding for specialty coffee and professional workflow at your workplace. 

Day 1 - Coffee knowledge


- Brief history of the coffee bean


- Bean history and detailed coffee knowledge


- Harvest and processing methods


- Getting to know the coffee machine and grinder with first exercises


Day 2 - Machine knowledge - Latte Art


- Machine knowledge


- Brewing methods and perfect extraction


- Optimal workflow for espresso brewing


- Barista techniques according to international standards


- Milk theory and professional milk foaming


- Latte Art Basics


Day 3 - Roasting - Preparation


- Basics of coffee roasting and test roast of one sort of coffee


- Repetition with deepened espresso brewing and milk foaming


- Coffee recipes


Day 4 - Sensory


 - Cleaning and maintenance of machine and grinder


 - Workplace management


 - Guest service


 - Sensory basics and tasting (cupping)


Day 5 - Exam


 - Theoretical and practical exam


 - Handover of Certificate

Requirements: Interest in the variety and complexity of coffee


Number of people: 4 max.


Duration: 5 days – each 8 hours incl. break


Cost: 1.450,- € / person incl. examination fee and certificate


Location: Prater 80, 1020 Vienna


Registration: latest 7 days before the beginning of the course

For information about upcoming courses please contact

Workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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