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We are getting your staff up to speed!


Our mission has always been to teach coffee knowledge on the highest level. The Vienna Coffee College stands for mastery in theoretical as well as practical aspects of modern barista culture. Let us take your employees to the next level by teaching knowledge about best coffee qualities and the knowledge of perfect coffee preparation.


We offer: Our free hotel-check!


This is how we work: We start by visiting your hotel / coffee bar / restaurant and doing an anonymous free taste test by one of your experts of the Vienna Coffee College. On the basis of this test we then work together with you on a tailored educational course for your employees which includes modules of the core areas stated below.  

The business modules

Barista Know-How


- The perfect set up on the coffee machine


- Preparation of coffee machine and grinder


- Optimal work flow during the day


- Correct preparation any served coffee variation


- Cup knowledge


Preparation methods


- Learn how to prepare and perfectly extract any coffee preparation you would like to serve your customers (for expample turkish coffee,

filter coffee, syphon, french press etc.)


Latte Art


- Easy but effective steaming techniques for perfect milk foam


- Practice of the basic pouring techniques to create beautiful looking coffees


- Refining and perfecting of several Latte Art designs


Workplace management


- The correct movements for fast and effective processes


- Woring under pressure of time


- How to work as a team at a coffee machine


Customer service


- Training in verbal as well a nonverbal communication with your guests




- Cleaning of coffee machine and grinder


- Cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace

Duration: You can book a half day or full day course depending on your choice and needs.  


Offers by request:



Additional for managing employees, cafè owners and your Head Barista:

Marketing in the Coffee Sector


- Basics of marketing


- Strategic planning – defining, directing, and making decisions


- Accounting - measurement, processing and communication of financial information


- Social Media


- Branding - developing a product or an initiative


- Campaigning – creating change


- Wording, claims and what else needs to be said

Duration: 8 hours inc. 1 hour break


Cost: 330,- € / person


Location: Tigergasse 33, 1080 Vienna


Number of People: min. 4

For information about upcoming courses please contact

It has been proven that certain rituals and moments of well-being bring us back down to earth

That satisfying moment when a guest enters the lobby of a first class hotel after an excruciating journey,
a sightseeing marathon or an endless business meeting.


The same applies to me, that satisfactory feeling whilst strolling through the quiet,

long hotel corridors and that unforgettable moment; collapsing on a bed with tightly stretched sheets.


And of course for the comforting cup of coffee at the hotel bar.
The inspirational calmness and precision, even under stress, when first-class specialists know what they are doing.


With secure hand movements and self-assured elegance.

In this case: the completing of a perfect cup of coffee.


The background noise when the coffee set is knocked out, the beans are being ground,

the humming of the machine and the fine hissing of the milk frother.


This is Barista culture.
This is art!

You can find all English courses here!

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