Personal Barista Training

This is how you get the most out of coffee with your own semi-automated coffee machine!

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The perfect Espresso for your home is possible!

Nowadays espresso machines for homes are already available for rather cheap and the price range seems to be endless.


The new trend for espresso fans is to get yourself your own semi-automated coffee machine which of course is a fine and exquisite thing. Even worse the disappointment, when instead of the brown elixir of life you only get a bitter brew coming out of your machine.


Fast you get tired of your new and expensive acquisition and go back to your barista for your favourite coffee beverage because he or she has learned how to properly prepare your coffee.


But guess what? You can get precisely that Barista’s knowledge as well!


Our Personal-Barista-Trainers are coming into your house and train with you on your own espresso machine.


- You are trained personally by one of our international Barista Trainers


- On sight in your home


- With your equipment: espresso machine, grinder, cups,...


- We show you how your machine has to be adjusted, cleaned and maintained so you have a long time fun making your coffee


- We teach you why your coffee always has to be freshly ground and what the perfect grind size is for optimal results


- We also show you how to adjust the water pressure right, what to look out for when tamping and why your cups always have to be preheated


- What’s most important that we take care of your individual questions and needs so you can enjoy your perfect home-espresso the way you like it!

Number of people: 1 - for every additional person -30%


Duration: 3 hours


Cost: EUR 340,- incl. travel costs within Vienna. Travel costs outside of Vienna are chared separately.


Dates are arranged individually after booking. You can also send us your preferred date directly in the comment section of the booking site.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

Optional: Let us introduce you to a hand selected assortment of freshly roasted single origin coffees. You can choose your favourite coffee with the aromas and strength exactly the way you like it! (additional charge)


Workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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