Coffee Roaster - Master Course

Comprehensive coffee roasting course including theoretical knowledge and practical training on hand roasters and drum roasters.

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Roasting coffee is the last but most important step in the refinement of coffee.


In this step we determine taste, smell and all desired aromas we strive for like chocolatey, nutty etc. They are giving the coffee its character and fine frutty acids as well as getting rid of unwanted acids.


In this course you learn how to roast quality coffee, coffee that your customers are going to love because this is the key to success.


You just have to bring the passion - the craft you're going to learn from us.

Day 1 - Coffee knowledge


 - Coffee knowledge


 - Coffee producing countries and their specific coffees


 - Coffee processing


 - Knowing the different qualities


Raw coffee:


 - Purchasing


 - Defects


 - Transport


 - Storage


 - Roasting oven


 - Introduction to the technical parts of the machine, equipment and accessories


Day 2 - Hand roasting


- Roasting theory


- Roasting processes


- Sample roasting


- Roasting profiles


- Sensory


Day 3 - Professional roasting


- Whole day roasting on the 15kg roasting oven


Day 4  - Cupping


- Cupping


- Sensory


- Storage and packaging of roasted coffee

Requirements: None


Number of people: 4 max.


Duration: 4 days – each 8 hours incl. break


Cost: 2.300,- € / person incl. examination fee and certificate


Registration: latest 14 days before the beginning of the course

Special dates by appointment are possible!

For information about upcoming courses please contact

All workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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