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Our love of coffee inspired us to establish the Vienna Coffee College. Coffee is our passion, it is our mission to inform people about the fascinating world of coffee. When we, from the Vienna Coffee College, talk about coffee, then only from coffee of top quality, strictly pure origin and from the best cultivation regions in the world. Come and enjoy our seminars and I promise we will open your eyes and introduce you to an aromatic world of coffee you have never seen before. Dive with us into the captivating world of coffee.


Welcome on an entertaining trip to a unique taste experience.


Coffee is not just Coffee -  and to be honest life is too short to be drinking bad coffee. A saying that is derived from the wine connoisseurs. However, when you think about how much we enjoy our morning first cup of coffee, the creamy delight of a Café Latte whilst catching up with a friend, or a crisp espresso after a meal, why not get the best out of the tangy, dark roasted seeds of the coffee berry? We, the Vienna Coffee College offers courses for enthusiasts and coffee lovers from a variety of different fields, whether its business or simple enjoyment.


We invite you to experience the diversity of coffee and we have made it our goal to teach our coffee-knowledge to the highest standard.


Perfection stands for the highest degree of proficiency, skill and excellence in the technical and practical mastery. Come and experience this in finding out about coffee qualities and the knowledge of the preparations. Perfecting the art of Barista requires knowledge of the product and roasting methods and the exact adjustments of the coffee mill. The degree of grinding is extremely important as one wants to extract the right aromatic substances out of the coffee. There is a difference depending on what you want, espresso with subtle bitter compounds or a filter coffee with a rounder fuller flavored body. It even goes as far as that professionals take into consideration the degree of air humidity when setting up their grinder.


This may sound a little complicated, but worry not, together we will manage. And start to explore aromas with your nose, as we will be doing a lot of smelling – roasting - smelling – grinding – smelling and of course indulging!

When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

Workshops and educational courses are also offered in English!

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